Samstag, 22. Dezember 2007

Everwood - ein kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk für Bianca

Da Bianca die Dialoge in Everwood genau so mag wie ich, stelle ich als kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk an sie (und mich) ein paar der besten hier rein. (Quelle: Everwood, imdb)

[Amy is nervously trying to explain how she is fine and notices that Ephram is just staring at her]
Amy: What?
Ephram: You're talking faster than my brain processes language.

Dr. Andrew Brown: Do me a favor, you know how you normally behave?
Ephram: Distant and miserable?
Dr. Andrew Brown: Yeah. Do the opposite.

Ephram: You know, no offense, but he's really my least favorite thing about you.
Bright: Yeah, well, you're really my least favorite thing about you.
Ephram: Dude, you really gotta work on the insults.

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